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All Around Talent sent me on a hair modeling "audition" for a hair straightening product called MaxiGlide. The audition was in fact a shoot in which they were using models and not paying them.

I was told that the audition would be taped and if footage was used I would be compensated. Naturally I believed this would be a short taped audition and if they liked some of the reaction footage, it would be used in the infomercial.

When I got to the "audition" I waited for over an hour while the producer/director began shooting the infomercial. This was a shoot disguised as an audition to get around paying models for their time.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: I missed work for this "audition" and should be compensated for the losses. However, I am really just writing so others are not scammed in the future like I was. .

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All around talent is a scam. Watch on NBC news.

Pilottown, Louisiana, United States #1241263

These statements are pathetically wrong by this model. She didn't get booked and is showing a lack of professionalism and knowledge.

This is the entertainment business. Its hard to book in general, but only a naive model complains about the company trying to help her book the job.

Burning bridges is not smart. Think before you speak.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1233684

All Around Talent only sends models on legitimate PAYING jobs and thousands of models can support this statement via the checks they have received in the mail from us over 12 years via the multimillion and billion dollar companies whom we regularly work with. We have a shared mutual interest with talent for talent to book jobs and make money.

This model did not. 4 of the 12 models booked. We have been successful with some of the largest hair & beauty brands that exist. Our team of talent brokers only makes money if talent makes money.

Any insinuation we do other wise is simply unjustified and shows that a model is mis-informed by sharing emotionally driven opinions that are completely not valid. Clearly this NEW model was upset she was not picked resulting in her time being wasted by the client (not All Around Talent) and decided to make a statement in frustration. We completely understand her frustration with this NEW client and regret to hear she had such a hard time at the actual casting. However, All Around Talent is not the client and does not run the actual casting process so this complaint simply does not apply to us.

This complaint is understandable as models should not have to wait that long. The complaint is bogus in the fast it is driven towards All Around Talent. We get you to the front door and do payroll if you book so although the complaint about the process may be legitimate, but this model directed her complaint to the wrong company. All Around Talent has absolutely no reason to ever send models on jobs that are bogus.

There is nothing in it for us.

We are asking for a public apology and retraction of this erroneous statement as it is misdirected, as All Around Talent does not facilitate the actual casting process. We have spoke to this model.

Clearly we do not support any inappropriate behavior or mistreatment of models time at any casting. It unfortunately is not in our control. We relay the information by production to talent.

In this case, we do not feel the client was well organized. Furthermore we informed this model we appreciated her feedback and would not be moving forward wit this client. Its important to note that 99% of our castings run smoothly.

We can easily debunk the misdirected derogatory and subjective opinions made here with some simple facts.

FACT - 4 models were actually selected at this casting and have already been paid. We have invoices and bank statements to support this.

So there was no disguise going on and nor was it bogus. So this debunks the models statement The client has fulfilled their financial responsibility thus far.

FACT - This client filled out a job agreement with All Around Talent as did the model explaining everything prior to the casting. FACT - This model applied for the job and her photos were sent to the client for approval. We tried our best to help her book the job she applied for.

FACT - This was a non-union production. Casting overtime fees are ONLY paid for UNION productions. FACT - The audition was October 7th and the shoot was October 9th which also discredits her statement because there was a shoot for selected models. The actual shoot was not the audition as suggested.

FACT - ALL MODELS were informed in advance of the casting that it would be recorded. It was in the casting breakdown for which this model applied. We have documentation to support this model applied to this casting with the process of this casting in hand. We were not informed that it would be a lengthy casting and do not agree with the way hat was handled by the client and completely understand why she is upset.

FACT - Its a models own choice to decide to re-arrange her schedule. That also has nothing to do with All Around Talent. This is completely up to the model. Time conflicts in this industry a very common occurrence as any experienced talent is aware of.

Its a challenge for all levels of talent throughout the industry. FACT - We have hundreds of castings every year and thousands of models attend castings with a variety of clients throughout the US & Canada. Basically this model made a mistake in expressing her frustration with the casting process to the wrong company and needs to apologize to All Around Talent for making this complaint. Its an honest mistake, but slander and defamation are illegal.

The complaint should have been made about the company who held the actual casting process which were the producers of the shoot. It should absolutely not have been made to the business (ALL AROUND TALENt) trying to help her book the job for which she applied for. It would behoove models to understand the booking process before making cheap slanderous statements on public forums without being fully knowledgeable of the process. Simultaneously, we do respect and listen to all feedback from models and talent.

However making statements on slander driven forums like this one is not a smart choice especially when they are wrong. Prior to even reading this erroneous claim 2 days ago, we had already informed this model that we will not move forward on future castings with this client. We are a very busy business and have no time for needless headaches. We will not be held accountable for models behavior or clients behavior on castings sites or productions sites because its simply impossible for us to do so.

We will listen and make adjustments on future productions if possible based on legitimate feedback. Quiet frankly we feel that most of this is common sense to seasoned talent.

Any clients or talent who have any concerns whatsoever may contact us directly. Thank you and we look forward to another successful 12 years of business.

to Anonymous Arlington, Texas, United States #1289282

This model was promised a paying job if she passed the audition, the fact that that was not what she received is a scam. I assume you work for All Around Talent since you refered to them as "us." What is pathetic is that you would talk in this way about another person or model, a legitimate agency or at least decent human being would not call out a model like that, especially under an anonymous name. Think before you speak.

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