David Venafro ( Owner of All Around Talent) is an ***. Will NEVER work with him again. Unprofessional! One man operation from his living room.

I signed up with them, and he threatened to sue me, when I changed my mind and wanted to work with another agency before commiting to them. ThEN HE EMAILED THE CLIENT AND TOLD THEM NOT TO WORK WITH ME. He acts all nice, but really has a nasty temper. Watch out for that one.

Guy has a rap sheet.

Check out his mugshot: http://mugshot-catalogs.com/booking/5157327/David-Venafro

He just talks alot of smack. He doesn't have any valid contracts, and of course never sued me!

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Both of the complaints were written by the same person are simply not valid.They are maybe written by a competitor or somebody with a desperate personal issue.

How can you tell?

Simple look at the dates of the erroneous complaints and what they foolishly say.

The person (if its actually a model) states in their first complaint that they did not work with All Around Talent in the end. The same person then goes on to complain about payment issues. Well they would have never been paid if they breached the agreement and worked through another company. Why would they make a complaint about a payment when they never even worked through All Around Talent.

This person never worked with All Around Talent in the end and you have to work through us to be paid. This is a clear and transparent attempt to cause damage to All Around Talent, also known as defamation of character or slander regardless if its a model, competitor, or somebody with a personal grudge.

(Its worth noting that a competitor lives in the Delray Beach/Boynton Beach area which is where this comment came out of. Its also worth noting that this same competitor is being sued by their former employer within the industry.

Furthermore we have never had an event in the Delray/Boynton Beach area in the 4 years I have been with the company..mmmm what does that tell you. THE COMPLAINTS ARE BOGUS).

All Around Talent is a network of talent brokers nationwide. They work...

Today's technology allows many people to work from home; I do and have no problem with it. (To be honest its a great job). All models fill out an agreement prior to each casting. Models may work with whomever they want, but once you fill out a contract you cannot change your broker/agent for that exact job.

You may on your next job. Imagine if your real estate agent showed you a house, did all your paper work for you to buy the house and then wrote down they were with another real estate agent. Its obviously a breach contract. Our terms are CLEARLY stated in the contract.

99.9 % of people understand that when you breach an agreement, there are penalties and they don't do them. Think about it when you breach your phone contract there are penalties or cancellation fees as there are with airlines, credit cards, and just about every business out there. These fees are not a personal matter; its just business. However in my 4 years with the company, we have only issued one penalty fee and yes we still work with that model.

Now, if this actually is a model that wrote this, it is extremely clear the model did not read their contract and is at fault. Its unfortunate that irrational and unmerited comments are made by those at fault. AGAIN, if this statement is made by a model; All Around Talent reserves the right to take legal action at any time of their choosing. Furthermore this individual has provided All Around Talent with evidence of defamation of character and slander which will only further this individuals legal issues.

The two bad comments made were wrote the same day by the same person and due to the fact this person is hiding behind an anonymous profile there is no way to validate this is even a model. It honestly sounds like a personal tiff or a competitor that wrote this with a clear agenda to damage the reputation of All Around Talent. NOTE - Due to the nature of the business and booking models, all brokers are required to do a background check with personal references. Dave is a very solid guy who always gets the job done.

Simply disregard these comments about him. The timing of payments is provided to each model in advance of even attending the casting and prior to filling on the contract for that job. It varies from client to client. When you work with large international billion dollar corporations, you have to go with their payment period when you are the small guy.

Payments are made within 1 to 3 business days of receipt from the client. If this is actually a model, they breached the agreement. They even explain this in their complaint. But it may just be a competitor or somebody with personal grudge.

Just because its online does not make it valid or intelligent. Unfortunately this website allows anybody to write anything without validation; so its hard to really consider anything on this site valid.

The bottom line is that All Around Talent is a solid company that has been around over a decade AND GROWING with a lot of huge clients that are happy as well as dozens of smaller clients.The fact is that there are thousands of models that learn this every year when they get their paycheck in the mail.

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Whoever posted this is full of s**t. It clearly isn't a one man operation, because I've booked multiple jobs from a different agent who works there, and I know there are others too. The guy who posted this is clearly a disgruntled model who stuck out at a casting or even more likely, posted by Mega Flash Models.


You need to have talent before you hire a talent agent.

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